About us

We are a group of security experts dealing with penetration test and computer forensic.


After learning to inspect security from all perspectives from Prof. Pfitzmann at the University, I am now working as Penetration tester and IT Security Consultant since 2009. I have seen many many different applications, architectures and technologies since then.
Web Applications, Web Services, Oracle, MySQL, Linux, SAP R3 are my focus technologies, while my activities are widely spreaded: manual penetration tests, static code analysis, code reviews, consulting, project management


Fuseki has started his career as software developer, but quickly switched over to network administration. After 7 years as network engineer, incl. one year in a management position, he entered a new team, working as penetration tester and security consultant. In addition to this, malware analysis and digital forensics are becoming more and more part of Fusekis daily work.

Fuseki has studied Information Technology as well as Software Technology and holds a diploma in each of these.


Marko works as security professional since 2012 and performs assessments focused on web application security and code audits.

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Glia is an open minded security professional with a wide interest in different security topics.

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Believes in Cryptoanarchy & hopes for the upcoming Age of digital Enlightment. Involved in the Blockchain Community & Cryptoeconomics. Research topics focused on Blockchain Applications regarding Security aspects.


Franz is a pentester and interested in IT security topics. He has been working in IT security for three years now and studied business informatics before that.