Creating evil WiFi hotspots, network bridges and complex hybrids

Intercepting traffic between devices and the internet is part of the day to day work of an IoT pentester. More often than not, those devices only support one type of connectivity, and it’s usually the one you don’t have at hand, at that moment (well, at least sort of 😉 ). So, this guide will show code snippets for creating (evil) access points and network bridges (under Linux) for:

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Wammer – WiFi jamming made easy

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Since years the IEEE 802.11 WiFi protocol has a well-known design flaw which allows attackers to disconnected clients from the WiFi access point they’re connected to.

All he has to do, is to send “dauthentication frames” to the WiFi access point. Because the IEEE 802.11 WiFi standard doesn’t require encryption for such frames, an attacker is able to perform the attack even though he isn’t connected with that access point. Continue reading “Wammer – WiFi jamming made easy”